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The B3 K9 training team’s background is from Landespolizeischule für Diensthundführer(State Police School for Service Dog Handlers) in Schloss Holte-Stukenbrock, Germany. The PSP training from Germany is some of the most rigorous K9 training in that field. Here the drives and character traits of dogs were identified to assist in recognizing what dogs were more appropriate for police work and what training issues may be encountered. This knowledge of the dog’s behaviors is key in helping dogs from all kinds of homes today. You cannot fix something if you don’t know what’s wrong and why. With B3 we have that knowledge to aid us and your faithful canine companion. Our training methods are designed to adjust to each dog and are not a cookie cutter style of training. Our goal is a long term improvement in your home and not a quick fix that won’t last. We are also licensed with the Wyoming State Pharmacy Board as well as the DEA allowing us to train dogs on actual controlled substances and not a pseudo drug. B3 K9 is the current certifying group for the North Dakota State Patrol narcotics detection teams and has been doing so for the past 9 years. Give us a call to see how we can help you.

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Callan Brothers:

B3 K9 Training came to life as a school project for Callan at the age of 15. For all his 15 years he had been submersed in the K9 world being the son of a police K9 handler. He attended police k9 trainings, sat in on trouble shooting sessions and participated in numerous trainings. This turned into raising his own Belgian Malinois’, Rocky, Revo and Alanza.  Through 4-H dog competitions (winning many), working in a dog boarding facility/vet clinic his passion continued to grow. Before he had a driver’s license, he had his first dog training client. Within a short time frame of 5 years Callan grew his client list to hundreds of dogs and invaluable experiences with each one.  Year 6 brought about the move to a brick and mortar facility where the business grew into a boarding and merchandise business along with the training.   Callan is B3 K9’s certified AKC Good Citizen evaluator. Callan has also been trained by his father, Greg, in training narcotics detection, tracking, evidence, and apprehension. In addition to all of this Callan still enjoys helping out local youth and their dogs.  who are still competing in 4H. Currently Callan is serving the the Campbell County Sheriff's Officer Search and Rescue Team with K9 Sully.


Greg Brothers:

In 2021, after 26 years of law enforcement, Greg joined Callan full-time. Greg entered the law enforcement field in 1995. Greg started as a police K9 handler in 2000 to 2012.  In that time frame he became a Dual Purpose K9 Trainer and managed a police K9 program throughout all but 6 years of his 26 year career in Gillette, Wyoming.  During his law enforcement career he was the first trainer the Gillette Police Department ever had, handling 1 narcotics K9 and 2 dual purpose K9’s .  In addition to working with K9’s Greg supervised the narcotics unit as a corporal, was a patrol sergeant and operations sergeant, coordinator for the firearms program, SWAT operator, Field Training Officer Coordinator, Emergency Response Task Force Member, Safety Team Member, City of Gillette Employee of the Quarter, Jon Hardy Police Officer of the Year, and Gillette American Legion Police Officer of the Year. As a member of the Wyoming Police Service Dog Association Greg was a certifying official for 20 years for dual purpose and single purpose police dogs. 

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